Graduate School

List of Entrance Requirements

Admission Policy

Kitasato University was founded by Dr. Shibasaburo Kitasato, a scientist who dedicated his life to demonstrating the pioneer spirit, the spirit of gratitude, the spirits of wisdom and practice, and the spirit of indomitability. We continue to uphold these spirits today as we develop leading researchers and educators in the life sciences and aim to cultivate human resources who can benefit society by providing the advanced and specialized knowledge and technology that are required of specialists. Admission to the university is based on the following policy.

Graduate School of Pharmaceutical Sciences
—Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences (Master’s Program & Doctoral Program)

Basic selection policy

The objective of the Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences is to develop researchers and educators with advanced, professional knowledge and abilities in the life science and medicinal science fields, as well as researchers and educators capable of analyzing clinical trial data and creating clinical trial programs, and researchers and educators capable of formulating strategic and global drug development plans. Therefore, as a basic policy, students are selected from among applicants who exhibit strong interest and ability to acquire diverse knowledge and problem-solving capacities in the pharmaceutical fields, and have the potential to act as future leaders in their respective field of specialization.