Biotribology 本文へジャンプ

The 8th International Biotribology Forum

The 36th Biotribology Symposium 

==Forum scope==

Since 1978, Biotribology Symposium has been held as the annual meeting of Japanese Society of Biotribologists. From 2000, International Biotribology Forum was intermittently held together with this symposium as a satellite meeting of International Tribology Conference in many cases.
In these meetings, the discussions have been mainly concentrated within orthopedic fields because of the enormous developments of joint prostheses. Recently, the theme was, however, expanded to ophthalmologic field, dental field, dermatological field or others. Therefore, in the present forum, any themes are welcome if they are interesting or funny. Let's gather to enjoy the free-minded discussions.

Chair men

 Kiyoshi MABUCHI

       Professor of Kitasato University

       President of Japanese Society of Biotribologists



      Professor of Kyushu University


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