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We train highly skilled medical technologists and leaders in health science as we open the door to the next generation of the life sciences.
Born from the social need for more paramedical staff who will support "team medical treatment", the mainstream concept in medicine today, the School of Allied Health Sciences leads the field of health science in Japan and there are great expectations for us to continue to develop excellent medical staff and researchers. We are Japan's first medical school to establish eight majors that fit today's realities and a 4-department, 8-major system geared towards medical technologists.
This comprehensive university of the life sciences offers students the ability to research and study the foundation of advanced medicine and medical treatment in a resource-rich environment.

Greetings from the School

We want you to grow to become medical personnel who can understand people's pain and contribute to society.

Originating in the old School of Hygienic Sciences, the School of Allied Health Sciences boasts the longest history of all the schools at Kitasato University. The only school nationwide to offer the study of "team medical treatment" in its true sense, we are proud of the advanced level of education and research that we can offer, as well as our track record in the paramedical field. The presence of a large number of our graduates who are playing an active role in medical facilities throughout Japan has aided in Kitasato University's reputation of reliability. Utilizing the assets built by graduates as their sustenance, we expect our students to grow into talented individuals who can demonstrate leadership at their respective site and further develop the concept of team medicine that focuses on the patient. Imbued with the Kitasato Spirit, we hope they will develop into medical personnel who, while strengthening their own humanity, maintain their love for learning and, more than anything, truly understand people's pain.
pht_greetingDean of School of
Allied Health Sciences
Prof.Hidero Kitasato(Ph.D.)

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