Center for Human and Social Sciences

Message from the Director of the Center for Natural Sciences

Professor Toshihiro Ohishi
Director of the Center for Human and Social Sciences
The Center for Human and Social Sciences comprises the Humanities and Social Sciences Section and Health Sciences Sections. These two sections are chiefly in charge of Basic Subjects for Forming Humanity (Culture Field, Society Field, Health Sciences Field). They are so-called general academic subjects that nurture the intellectual and common-sense knowledge required for socially respectable people.

The majority of Kitasato students aim at acquiring specialized knowledge and skills in their respective fields during the 4-year or 6-year period as undergraduates and becoming well-qualified professionals once they graduate. To be an efficient professional, however, mere possession of specialized knowledge and skills is not enough; general knowledge as a member of society is required. Only those with generalist, intellectual knowledge as well as expertise and specialist skills can gain the trust and respect of others and can excel in their own work duties. As you have many years ahead of you, health issues must play an important role in coming years. In order to make a worthy contribution to society, you need to stay healthy first and foremost. In that sense, the knowledge and wisdom for the maintenance of your well-being can be included in valuable general knowledge. By arming and enriching yourself with this kind of general knowledge, your human value will be augmented and you can lead a well-rounded life as a working person. At the same time, you can fall back onto this kind of knowledge all through your long and not-always- easy life.

The mission of the Center for Human and Social Sciences, by conducting the courses in Basic Subjects for Forming Humanity, is to make our students culture-sensitive/appreciative and to help them enjoy the interaction with society and stay healthy in body and mind.

Humanities and Social Sciences Section

The Humanities and Social Sciences Section focuses on teaching and researching the cultural, social and linguistic environment which surrounds us as the objects of academic consideration. This section also seeks to deepen understanding of this specific environment in order to realize more fulfilling lives. Among Group 1 Subjects at Kitasato University, the Humanities and Social Sciences Section divides subjects into three fields (Culture, Society, Language and Culture) in which classes are conducted.
Culture Field
The humanities are academic disciplines in which we examine ourselves, reflect on ourselves and seek to know ourselves. In the conventional academic system, subjects such as philosophy, ethics, religion, literature and art are included in this discipline.

Society Field
The social sciences are academic disciplines which consider how we should live together with other people in society. In the conventional academic system, subjects such as sociology, political science, economics, law, commerce, history, psychology and cultural anthropology are included in this discipline.

Language and Culture
Language and Culture A/B subjects provide students with opportunities to learn German, French and Chinese (secondary foreign languages other than English), as well as to study the cultural background of those languages.
Faculty of the Humanities and Social Sciences Section
ProfessorHiroyuki Nomura
ProfessorToshihiro Ooishi
ProfessorAtuko Kobayashi
ProfessorTadashi Hatakeyama
ProfessorTakamichi Inose
Associate ProfessorToshiko Akazawa
Associate ProfessorTakashi Maeda
Associate ProfessorJun Mita
Junior Associate ProfessorYuuki Kazaoka
Junior Associate ProfessorTomoko Yasukawa
Junior Associate Professor Keisuke Inohara

Health Sciences Section

The health sciences are a composite field which studies desirable lifestyles that can lead to a physically and emotionally healthy life, extending from school days to the rest of one’s life.



Faculty of the Health Sciences Section
ProfessorJun Kitagawa
Associate ProfessorMaremi Abe
Associate ProfessorTakashi Ono
Junior Associate ProfessorTomoyuki Nagami
Junior Associate Professor Tsukasa Ikemura

Available Subjects of the Center for Human and Social Sciences