Kitasato Society・Konwa-kai

Kitasato Society

Within Kitasato University, the Kitasato University Kitasato Society allows students to study the spirit of cooperation and partnership and to cultivate humanity through extracurricular activities. This society supports a fulfilling campus life for students. The College of Liberal Arts and Sciences contains its own division of Kitasato Society, an organization in which first-year students are official members and faculty/staff members are special members. Activities are funded by student dues paid to the Kitasato Society. If possible, we hope that all first-year students will flexibly participate in a variety of ways in events held by the Kitasato Society.


クリスマスツリー 点灯式


There is a phrase that says “study hard, play hard.” Students entering our university will begin earnest academic study and will also participate in club activities, and so on.

Konwa-kai exists to deepen relationships, between faculty and student at the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences through shared hobbies and sports activities. In a different atmosphere from classes, students can enjoy a more fulfilling campus life, and can deepen interaction and bonds with teachers and students from other undergraduate schools. Therefore, we hope that students will actively take part. Konwa-kai provides a rare opportunity for freshmen to reach beyond their undergraduate school or department to enjoy broad and deep human interaction with other first-year students throughout Kitasato University.

There are two kinds of Konwa-kais: the regular Konwa-kais which were established by faculty members and the student-initiated Konwa-kais. As a general rule, each student is limited to participating in one group only.