About Kitasato University

President's Message

Tomoo Itoh

Tomoo Itoh
President, Kitasato University

Moving Life Science into the Future through the Training of Specialists

Kitasato University was founded in 1962 on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the Kitasato Institute. Since then, for half a century, the University has striven to advance the study of life phenomena, medicine, health, and welfare. It has aimed to advance the discovery and utilization of biological resources and the promotion of environmental conservation. Toward this end, it has focused on education and research, and has now evolved into one of Japan’s leading universities in the study of Life Sciences.

The University is based on the philosophy of its founder, Shibasaburo Kitasato: namely, possessing a pioneering spirit, appreciation and consideration with gratitude in dealing with others, wisdom and practical skills, and the spirit of unwavering persistence. In addition to a School of Pharmacy, a School of Medicine, a School of Nursing, a School of Allied Health Sciences in the School of Medical Sciences, there are also a School of Veterinary Medicine, a School of Biosciences, and a School of Science. Furthermore, there are seven graduate schools, two research institutes, and four hospitals, producing an educational environment of unrivaled scope.

Utilizing its diversity and comprehensive approach, the University covers all the Life Sciences and conducts practical research in a flexible approach to problem solving that spans every academic field. In particular, it places emphasis on the four important fields of Interprofessional Health Care Program, Research and Education for Infection Control, Research and Education in Agromedicine, and Clinical Education and Research through Inter-hospital Collaboration, as well as pursuing research in the collaboration between medicine and engineering and the utilization of intellectual properties, thus answering the special needs of our times.

In 2014 a new Kitasato University Hospital was established on the Sagamihara campus, providing overall state-of-the-art medical care and cutting-edge regional medical care. At the same time, a new building for the School of Veterinary Medicine was completed on the Towada campus. With the continued strengthening of both education and research, and the ongoing enhancement of supporting facilities, the future of the University looks bright.

The Apogee of Life Sciences and Medicine

Kitasato University proactively responds to the urgent need for Life Science research that is cuttingedge, interdisciplinary and comprehensive, as well as the need for the training of leaders in this research. The University strives to be a scientific educational institution that can play a leading role as it continues to work toward a higher level of excellence in the fields of education, research and medicine. Firmly grounded in basic research and ranging over many fields, this organic network of knowledge is supported by the undergraduate schools, the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, the graduate schools, the research institutes and affiliated hospitals.

Via Three Specialized Fields,
A Comprehensive Approach to Life Sciences

1. Human life and health-related fields
2. Plant and animal and environment-related fields
3. Fields that conduct basic research in Life Sciences

Our Four Guiding Principles


The Spirit of Pioneering
Use your ingenuity and creativity to be a pioneer in the world of science.


The Spirit of Thankfulness
Be thankful to the people and society that fostered you, and repay your debt with your contribution to society.


The Spirit of Wisdom and Practice
Put your knowledge and skills into practice for the benefit of society.


The Spirit of Tenacity
Tackle whatever challenge you may face with unwavering determination.

The Philosophy of Kitasato University

With profound respect for the sanctity of life, our purpose is to contribute to society by dedicating ourselves to the quest for truth through the application of practical science.

University's Data

Formal Emblem


The school emblem of Kitasato University is marked by the character. A pair of drumsticks at the center of the emblem represents the tetanus bacillus , which commemorates the founder Shibasaburo Kitasato's success in pure culture of the bacillus and the establishment of the serum therapy.

Students Emblem


The student's emblem is modeled on the shape of a heart—the center of the human body. The right atrium (upper left) represents the tetanus bacillus, which Shibasaburo Kitasaso studied. The left atrium is colored differently for the individual collages and their initials are placed inside. Prussian blue is the university's color. This emblem was designed by one of the first-generation students.

Education and Research Activities

As an educational and technical institution at the cutting edge of the Life Sciences, Kitasato University is highly regarded for its educational and research activities. Many of its projects have received grants from the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, other government ministries, industry and elsewhere.