Sagamihara Campus





Sagamihara Campus

“Sagamihara Campus” is surrounded by a leafy expanse, in which the first-year students of all the schools including medicine, marine biosciences, nursing, science, and allied health sciences study.

“Sagamihara Campus” is surrounded by a leafy expanse of 370,000 m2, located in an area of the Sagamihara terrace overlooking the Tanzawa mountains to the east. This campus has education/research facilities including the Kitasato University Hospital utilized for clinical practice. There also are enriched recreation facilities for students to exchange or build friendship with other schools. So this campus is an ideal environment in which well-rounded humanity and sensibility can be developed and students can be refreshed physically and mentally. Speaking relaxation, this campus is still really attractive because the Kamakura and Shonan areas are about an hour from there.


1-15-1, Kitazato, Minami-ku, Sagamihara-shi Kanagawa 252-0373, Japan    Tel:+81-(0)42-778-8111(Reception)

School of Medicine: 1-15-1, Kitazato, Minami-ku, Sagamihara-shi, Kanagawa 252-0374, Japan

School of Nursing: 2-1-1, Kitazato, Minami-ku, Sagamihara-shi Kanagawa 252-0329, Japan

Access Map


Shinjuku Sta. - Sagami-Ono Sta.
(40 min. needed)
At Shinjuku Station, take an express train of the Odakyu line, get off at Sagami-Ono Station, and exit the north gate.
Haneda airport - Sagami-Ono Sta.
- by airport bus (75-105 min. needed)
- by train (80 min. needed)
Haneda airport -> Sagami-Ono Station Haneda airport (Keihin Electric Express line) -> Yokohama Station (express train of the Sotetsu line) -> Yamato Station (Odakyu line) -> Sagami-Ono Station
Sagami-Ono Sta. - Kitasato Univ.
(25 min. needed)
Take a bus at the No. 1 bus stop of the Kanagawa Chuo Kotsu bus, and get off at the Kitasato University bus stop. A bus bound for the Kitasato University Hospital or the south gate of Sagamihara Station via the Kitasato University is also available at the No. 1 bus stop.
Yokohama Sta. - Sagamihara Sta.
(40 min. needed)
At JR Yokohama Station, take a rapid train of the Yokohama line, get off at Sagamihara Station, and exit the south gate.
Sagamihara Sta. - Kitasato Univ.
(25 min. needed)

Take a bus bound for Sagami-Ono Station at the No. 2 bus stop of the Kanagawa Chuo Kotsu bus, and get off at the Kitasato University bus stop.

Campus Map


  • L1 Bldg (College of Liberal Arts and Sciences)/Convenience Store/Cafeteria
  • L2 Bldg
  • S Bldg(School of Science)
  • MB Bldg(School of Marine Biosciences)
  • M1-M7 Bldg(School of Medicine)
  • A3 Bldg(School of Allied Health Sciences)
  • A2 Bldg(School of Allied Health Sciences)
  • A1 Bldg(School of Allied Health Sciences)
  • New A1 Bldg
    (School of Allied Health Sciences)
  • 10N Bldg(School of Nursing)
  • 11Student Hall/Convenience Store
  • 12Library of Liberal Arts and Sciences
  • 13Gymnasium/Exercise Room
  • 14Clubrooms
  • 15Medicinal Plant Garden
  • 16Crescent
  • 17Field
  • 18Kitasato University Hospital Main Bldg
  • 19Kitasato University Hospital East Bldg
  • 20Kitasato University Hospital West Bldg
  • 21Kitasato University Hospital Bldg No.2
  • 22Kitasato University Hospital Bldg No.3
  • 23Kitasato University Hospital Parking
  • 24Kitasato University Hospital Parking
  • 25Kitasato University Hospital Parking
  • 26Kitasato University Hospital Parking(1F)
    Parking for staff (2F)
  • 27Interprofessional Education Bldg/Convenience Store/Cafeteria/IPE Hall


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