The Kitasato University Graduate School of Medical Sciences (KUGSMS)
International Collaboration Initiative

Shibasaburo Kitasato was granted a stipend by the Japanese Home Ministry as part of a policy of sending promising young doctors to study in Germany. He had a chance to learn and work in the laboratory of Robert Koch at age 32 years. Between 1885 and 1892, many of the discoveries he made there were milestones in the history of bacteriology. A group of researchers at Kitasato came together to launch the KUGSMS International Collaboration Initiative. This initiative aims to help promote scientific collaboration between KUGSMS and our current/future counterparts (scholars/researchers from exchange programs), and foster mutual understanding among our scientific communities.

The KUGSMS International Collaboration Initiative announces the availability of funding for students to visit outstanding overseas laboratories with which we have scholar/student exchange programs. If you are a current Kitasato graduate school student and want to apply for a MEXT scholarship, then keep achieving high grades and contact the graduate school office.

In 1998, the Graduate Schools of Hygiene (since 1967) and Medicine (since 1976) were merged to establish the Kitasato University Graduate School of Medical Science (KUGSMS). This aimed to promote advanced research activities and nurture medical researchers. Our integrated graduate course encompasses diverse fields of basic, clinical, applied, and social medicine, along with medical technology to apply the results of research to prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of human diseases. Our system facilitates interdisciplinary collaboration between researchers/faculties within KUGSMS and throughout the entire Kitasato Institute, which comprises undergraduate schools and colleges, graduate schools, research institutes, affiliated hospitals, vocational schools, and other facilities.

  • We accept grantees of Japanese government (MEXT) and non-Japanese government scholarships for master’s and doctorate degree programs.