Admission for International Students

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If you are a foreign national, please contact us individually (email to

Governmental Scholarship Grantees for International Students

KUGSMS accepts grantees of both Japanese government (MEXT) and non-Japanese government scholarships for master's and doctorate degree programs.

Japanese government (Monbukagakusho: MEXT) scholarships for research or non-degree students

Timelines for application and testing information Applicants need to pass the primary screening for the MEXT Scholarship conducted by the Japanese diplomatic mission worldwide. The recruitment process varies among countries, so please refer to the Japanese Embassy/Consulate General in the country of your citizenship. Applicants who pass primary screening at the Japanese Embassy/consulate should contact the lab/principal investigator corresponding to their interest (as below), and obtain a letter of provisional acceptance as a research student by August for secondary screening. Please directly contact the professor you prefer to have as your supervisor, and send a complete set of application forms along with the name of the professor whom you have contacted. Please take the entrance examination for the master's or doctoral course either in October or February each year. Candidates must pass this examination to be successfully awarded a scholarship.

Non-Japanese government scholarships for students studying at graduate schools in Japan

Scholarships for international students at KUGSMS may also be funded by their respective national governments. To learn about application periods, benefits, and other details of your program of interest, please contact the relevant agency in your country.