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【MEXT Scholarship for 2024 (Embassy Recommendation)】Application for “Letter of Provisional Acceptance”

Candidates wishing to study at Kitasato University as MEXT Scholarship students should apply for a 'Letter of Provisional Acceptance' after passing the first screening conducted by the Japanese diplomatic mission.
To apply for the 'Letter of Provisional Acceptance', please send us the following documents by e-mail.
1.Application form for 'Letter of Provisional Acceptance' on MEXT Scholarship Program (Downloadable from here(13KB))
2.Copy of a passing certificate of the first screening issued by the Japanese diplomatic mission
3.A set of copies of the following documents that had been submitted to the Japanese diplomatic mission and stamped by the diplomatic mission.
- Application Form *attached with photo
- Field of Study and Research Plan
- Academic transcript for all academic years of university attended
- Certificate of graduation or degree certificate of the university attended
- Recommendation letter from the president/dean or the academic adviser at the current or last university attended
- Certificate of Health for 2024
- Abstracts of theses (*Only if submitted to the Japanese diplomatic mission)
- Certificate of language proficiency (*Only if submitted to the Japanese diplomatic mission)
- Recommendation letter from the present employer (*Only if submitted to the Japanese diplomatic mission)

<Important Notes>

■Each document must bear the confirmation stamp of the Japanese diplomatic mission, and all writing and photographs must be clear and legible.
■Please send all documents by email, but if you have difficulty accessing the internet, we will accept them by post.
  If you send the documents by post, we will not return them to you.
■We will not accept your application after the deadline of 25 August 2023 Japan time.
■Please note that Kitasato University will be closed for summer holidays from 11th to 20th August, and we will not be able to process documents and enquiries during this period.
■The final deadline for notification of results to candidates is 27 September (JST). Please note that it may take a month or more for the graduate school concerned to evaluate your application and make a decision. It is therefore advisable to apply well in advance.

<Email Address>

<Postal Address>

Office of International Affairs, Kitasato University
1-15-1 Kitazato, Minami-ku, Sagamihara-shi,
Kanagawa 252-0373, Japan