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Ideals of Kitasato University Hospital

Leading regional healthcare as a general hospital
Opened in 1971, the hospital has followed the ideals of patient-centered care and collaborative medical practice in fulfilling our role as a place for the medical education and training of the university’s students and graduates, as well as an advanced treatment hospital providing regional healthcare and advanced medicine. We will continue to pursue improvements in the quality of medical care, safety and patient services.

Philosophy of Kitasato University Hospital

The teachings of the founder of Kitasato University, Dr. Shibasaburo Kitasato, which became manifest over his lifetime, have been summarized in the following four principles of Kitasato University’s philosophy.

  • Investigate with a pioneering spirit (The spirit of development)
  • Be appreciative in your dealings with people (The spirit of appreciation)
  • Pursue practical science with wisdom (The spirit of wisdom and practicality)
  • Persist with an indomitable spirit (An unwavering and indomitable spirit)

In order to realize the founding philosophy of Kitasato University where medical science and healthcare are practiced, Kitasato University Hospital fosters the ideals of patient-centered care and collaborative medical practice, aiming to respect the human rights of our patients and to implement safe, trustworthy and advanced medical care.

We work with our patients to provide comprehensive team medicine involving regional medical professionals to achieve healthy and happy lifestyles.

The basic policy of Kitasato University Hospital

Respect for patients’ rights
We promote collaborative medical practice, fully respecting the rights of patients and working in partnership with patients, their families, and other healthcare professionals.
Providing advanced medicine
We implement comprehensive team medicine integrating the strengths of health practitioners, providing high-quality, safe and trusted medical care.
Contributing to the regional healthcare community
Fulfilling the role of a regional general hospital, we work with related institutions to provide treatment and maintain an information network.
Promoting education and research
We conduct clinical education and research activities in the field of life science, striving to develop outstanding personnel and improve the welfare of humanity.
Promoting international academic exchange
We promote international academic exchanges of medical personnel with an international perspective, contributing to the improvement of medical technology.
Establishing a stable business foundation and a safe work environment
We aim for balanced management of the hospital, striving to create a friendly and rewarding workplace.

International exchange initiatives

Kitasato University Hospital inaugurated the International Academic Exchange Committee in 1994 to promote international academic exchange. We have looked to the international perspective, and have undertaken activities contributing to promote international academic exchanges regarding medical technology and medical research, and to improve medical technology.
So far, we have signed academic exchange agreements with three overseas universities, and have dispatched academic exchange missions abroad, and brought in trainees.
In addition, throughout the year, we bring in many trainees from foreign countries. These overseas trainees are engaged in medical and research activities in line with the training goals of Kitasato University Hospital.

Overseas academic exchange activities

Kitasato University Hospital has signed an academic exchange agreement with Jilin University in China (Changchun, Jilin province). We bring in several overseas trainees every year, and once a year we dispatch an academic exchange mission to conduct lectures and training activities in China. We have also signed academic exchange agreements with Huashan Hospital Affiliated to Fudan University in China (Shanghai) and Siriraj Hospital Affiliated to Mahidol University in Thailand.
In 2019, an overseas trainee from Saudi Arabia came to Japan to be trained at Kitasato University Hospital, as part of “Saudi-Japan Vision 2030”, an exchange program signed between Japan and Saudi Arabia conducted by cooperation experts in the medical and health disciplines.
Also, the nursing department conducts a nursing exchange once a year with the nurses of the Mayo Clinic in the U.S.

Examples of overseas universities and hospitals whose trainees we have received

China Jilin University
Fudan University Huashan Hospital
Xinjiang Medical University
Beijing Friendship Hostpital, Capital Medical University
Shandong Provincial Qianfoshan Hospital
Taiwan Chi Mei Hospital
Taipei City Hospital
Indonesia Hasanuddin University
University of Indonesia
Fatmawati Hospital
Thailand Thammasat University
Mahidol University
Saudi Arabia Khamis Mushayt Hospital
Egypt Mansoura University
U.S.A. Mayo Clinic
Germany Heinrich-Heine University
Hamburg University of Applied Sciences

New Medical Technology Overseas Training Program

Since 2000, Kitasato University Hospital has set up a subsidy program for young doctors and medical staff hoping to be trained at overseas training establishments, with a goal of innovating highly advanced medical technology, and has recommended in acquiring highly advanced medical technology abroad.

Utilizing Clinical Training Program By Foreign Doctors

There are currently 24 clinical training instructors at Kitasato University Hospital, instructing foreign doctors by utilizing clinical training program. In 2019, 3 foreign doctors were trained by utilizing this program.


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