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 The number of microorganisms that have been isolated and identified to date is less than 10% of the estimated total number of species in the environment of the earth, and a large number of unknown microorganisms are considered to inhabit nature. We isolate microorganisms from special environments and develop new isolation methods to obtain novel microbial resources useful for drug discovery. We also morphologically and genetically classify isolated microorganisms and evaluate their potential as genetic resources.

 Exploitation of new microbial resources for novel bioactive compounds.

  1. Search for novel microorganisms and their use for material production
  2. Isolation of microorganisms from plants and the elicitation of their latent potentials
  3. Clarification of the morphological differentiation and material production of actinomycetes
New genuses or new kinds of actinomycetes isolated from plant roots
Phytohabitans suffuscus K07-0523T (bar=1µm)
Streptosporangium oxazolinicum K07-0460T (bar=10µm)
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Inahashi Yuki
Inahashi Yuki


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