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Research Synopsis

 The Tropical Disease Research Center is evaluating the in vitro and in vivo anti-malarial and anti-trypanosomal activities of natural materials provided by our institute to develop promising treatments for protozoal diseases including malaria and African trypanosomiasis. We also search for the inhibitors of targetable protozoa-specific enzymes and investigate the modes of action of the anti-protozoal compounds we have found.

  1. Search for anti-malarial drugs (post-WHO project)
  2. Search for anti-trypanosomal drugs (post-DNDi project)
  3. Search for the inhibitors of protozoa-specific enzymes
  4. Analysis of the modes of action of discovered anti-protozoal compounds
Plasmodium  berghei N
Trypanosoma brucei S427
Equipment for experiment
Masato Iwatsuki
Masato Iwatsuki