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Microbial Resource Center

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Research Synopsis

 The center collects microorganisms, particularly fungi isolated from the soil of subtropical regions and oceanic islands around Japan, as a source for the discovery of new anti-infectious and bioactive compounds and studies their mycology and metabolic products.

[ Isolation of fungi from subtropical oceanic islands and their taxonomy ]
Discovery of new fungi and the analysis of their metabolic products.

[ Study on the production of bioactive compounds by fungi ]

  1. Study on the production of bioactive compounds by co-culturing and culturing with the exposure of fungi to light.
  2. Mycological study of unutilized fungi and chemical screening of their metabolic products
Co-culture by Trichoderma harzanum FKI-5698 and T.atroviride FKI-5700
Analysis of Simplicillium


Sugawara Akihiro
Sugawara Akihiro