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Research Organization

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Research Organization of
The Kitasato Institute for Life Sciences

Department Laboratory / Center Chief of Lab.
Department of
Infection Control
and Immunology
Laboratory of Viral Infection I

Prof. Kazuhiko Katayama

Laboratory of Viral Infection II

Prof. Morikawa Yuko

Laboratory of Bacterial Infection

Prof. Abe Akio

Laboratory of Immunoregulation

Assoc. Prof.
Watanabe Mineo

Laboratory of Infectious Diseases Science

Takahashi Takashi

Department of Drug
Discovery Sciences
Laboratory of Microbial Engineering
   ⇒⇒@Genome Project of
    Streptomyces avermitilis  

Prof. Ikeda Haruo

Laboratory of Bioorganic Chemistry

Sunazuka Toshiaki

Laboratory of Biological Functions

Prof. Shiomi Kazuro

Laboratory of Microbial Functions

Prof. Takahashi Yoko

Laboratory of Biological
Pharmacology for Phytomedicines


Prof. Kiyohara Hiroaki

Department of
Research Project
Drug Discovery Project from Natural Products

Distinguished Emeritus Professor
Satoshi Omura

Research Promotion
Tropical Disease Center

Iwatsuki Masato

Microbial Resource Center

Matsumoto Atsuko

Research Center for
Anti-infectious Drugs


Project Prof.
Hanaki Hideaki

Experimental Animal Center

Assoc. Prof.
Watanabe Mineo
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Administrative Office Administrative Office of
Institute and Graduate School

Matsuda Nobutaka