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The Department of Marine Biosciences , School of Marine Biosciences consists of three major chairs; Marine Ecobiology,@Aquaculture Science and Applied Marine Biological Chemistry. Our educational programs are designed to develop human resources who can actively participate in a wide range of fields related to the use of marine organisms.

Educational Principles

The ocean is a treasure trove of bioresources. Marine bioscience is an applied science investigating diverse marine bioresources. Especially due to Japanfs long history of a fish-based food culture, its marine bioscience field is positioned as an international leader.

Within its educational principle, the School of Marine Biosciences not only provides education for technical skills in general marine biosciences based on academic fields, but also seeks to promote the development of the human resources. The school seeks to instill its students with a global viewpoint, and the ability, discernment, and practical skill to express onefs opinion.

Educational Content

The educational content provided in this program can be summarized in the following four points.

  1. Knowledge and skills related to the conservation of bioresources and the global environment.
  2. Basic knowledge related to the advanced technology for biosciences.
  3. Knowledge and skills related to the continuous and effective use of aquatic organisms.
  4. A social and global viewpoint as well as an ethical standpoint related to the use of aquatic organisms.