Sagamihara Campus

Kitasato University School of Medicine is located in Sagamihara, about 60 km west of central Tokyo. In addition to KUSM, the Sagamihara Campus houses the School of Nursing, the School of Science, the School of Allied Health Sciences, the Center of Liberal Arts and Sciences, Kitasato University Hospital, and Kitasato University East Hospital.


  1. Medicinal Garden
  2. Sagamihara Student Cafeteria (Crescent)
  3. Sagamihara Student Hall
  4. Library of the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
  5. L1&L2 Buildings (College of Liberal Arts and Sciences)
  6. A1 - A3 Buildings (School of Allied Health Sciences)
  7. S Building (School of Science&Graduate School of Science)
  8. L3 Building (College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, General Education&Specialized Education Lecture Rooms)
  9. N Building (School of Nursing&Graduate School of Nursing)
  10. Kitasato University Hospital (KUH)*
  11. M1 - M7 Buildings (School of Medicine)
  12. Statue of Dr Shibasaburo Kitasato, founder of the original Kitasato Institute
  13. Central Gymnasium&Clubrooms
  14. Main entrance to Kitasato University
  15. Main entrance to Kitasato University Hospital
* Kitasato University East Hospital (KUEH) is located 500 m east of KUH, 10 minutes on foot