Sophia kai Ergon Kitasato University Combines “Intelligence with Practical Activities” with the Aim of Addressing Greater Fusion of Basic Research with Clinical Pharmacy
The School of Pharmacy
The School of Pharmacy Nurturing advanced specialists in the field of pharmacy
“Kitasato University was founded in Shirokane in 1962. The School of Pharmacy was then established in 1964, and the Pharmaceutical Department and Life Sciences and Drug Development Department of the School have continued to provide education and research activities at the Shirokane Campus where Kitasato University was first founded.”
Laboratories and Research Facilities
Laboratories and Research Facilities Leading-edge research institute that allows for simultaneous involvement in educational, research, and medicinal activities
The Kitasato University School of Pharmacy includes the “Pharmaceutical Education Research Center,” the “Research and Education Center for Clinical Pharmacy” and basic pharmaceutical laboratories, each of which involves education and research on pharmacy from their own individual stance.
Outline of Graduate School
Outline of Graduate School Pursuing the truth of life and deepening specialties in thereby nurturing truly excellent scientists
“The Kitasato University is responsible for leading-edge academic life science research. Basic pharmacy, clinical pharmacy, as well as more advanced academic areas such as biostatistics and pharmaceutical medicine, are all covered in nurturing excellent level highly specialized scientists and pharmacists.”
Access “Urban campus” convenient for commuting to
“Shirokane Campus,” which is the original site of the Kitasato Institute founded by Shibasaburo Kitasato, who made various achievements in modern medicine, includes a number of research facilities that encompass hospitals, and forms an urban campus where students can study at the front line of research and clinical medicine.