Laboratories and Research Facilities

Flexible research organization that fulfills the various needs of research projects and the School of Pharmacy
The Kitasato University School of Pharmacy includes a “Pharmaceutical Education Research Center” and a “Research and Education Center for Clinical Pharmacy”, along with laboratories for use in the basic pharmacy field as education and research organizations, with each of them then being responsible for the education and research of students from a specific point of view. When students receive instructions on their graduate level research they can then select from laboratories that incorporate various research themes such as those introduced here.
Pharmaceutical Education Research Center
This center is responsible for research on pharmacy education and practical support. The content of the education and research covers an extremely wide range, and including the “relationship between pharmacists and society,” “medical communication,” and “utilization of information.”
  • Social Pharmacy(Student Learning Support)
  • Medical Psychology
  • Pharmaceutical Informatics(Informatics Education Support)
Faculty of Pharmacy/Department of Pharmaceutical Life Sciences
Enable leading-edge drug development and life science research. The various research projects involved take place in coordination between the laboratories concerned or as joint research projects with corporations or other research institutes.
Faculty of Pharmacy
  • Medicinal Chemistry
  • Biomolecular Science
  • Synthetic Natural Products Chemistry
  • Organic Chemistry for Drug Development
  • Biomolecular Design
  • Pharmacognosy
  • Hygienic Chemistry
  • Public Health
  • Biochemistry
  • Pharmacology
  • Molecular Pharmacology
  • Microbiology
  • Microbial Chemistry
  • Pharmaceutics Physical Chemistry for Drug Design
  • Radioisotope Research Laboratory
  • Medicinal Plant Garden
Research and Education Center for Clinical Pharmacy
This center is an organization that is responsible for coordinating education and research projects that are unique to the School of Pharmacy and where many pharmacists and doctors actively working at hospitals and in medical care in the community are invited to attend as full-time teachers. This then ensures practical education and research activities take place that are actually needed in clinical scenes.
Research and Education Center for Clinical Pharmacy
Clinical Pharmacy
  • Pharmacy Practice and ScienceⅠ
  • Pharmacy Practice and ScienceⅢ
  • Pharmacy Practice and ScienceⅣ
  • Clinical Pharmacokinetics
  • Clinical Toxicology
  • Community Pharmacy
  • Clinical-Basic Science
  • Drug Information
Clinical Medicine
  • Bioregulatory Medicine
  • Biostatistics
  • Pharmaceutical Medicine

Pharmaceutical Education Research Center
Please see the page on the graduate school entrance examination for more details on the research projects.
Social Pharmacy(Student Learning Support)
Professor:Masako Kiyono

Pharmacists who can take an active role in communities or organizations.

Professor:Etsuko Arita

Etsuko Arita

Exclusive research on clinical communication through a fusion between pharmaceutical science and psychology.

Pharmaceutical Informatics(Informatics Education Support)
Associate Professor:Yoshihiko Nishibata

Yoshihiko Nishibata

The sharing of information on useful chemicals in thereby helping to address more efficient drug development.

Faculty of Pharmacy/Department of Pharmaceutical Life Sciences
Please see the page on the graduate school entrance examination for more details on the research projects.
Medicinal Chemistry
Professor:Hideaki Fujii

Hideaki Fujii

Creation of new analgesics without narcotic properties (drug dependence).

Biomolecular Science
Professor:Kumiko Sakai-Kato

Kumiko Sakai-Kato

Attempt to elucidate the novel functions of amino acids related to the causes of aging and diseases.

Synthetic Natural Products Chemistry
Professor:Tohru Nagamitsu

Tohru Nagamitsu

Identifying the strength of natural organic compounds through the power of organic synthesis.

Organic Chemistry for Drug Development
Professor:Kazuishi Makino

Kazuishi Makino

Addressing environmentally sound chemical synthesis methods for drugs.

Biomolecular Design
Professor:Mayuko Takeda-Shitaka

Mayuko Takeda-Shitaka

Analyzing the three-dimensional structures of proteins responsible for biological phenomena using computers.

Professor:Yoshinori Kobayashi

Yoshinori Kobayashi

Scientifically elucidating the efficacy of medicinal plants in thus also utilizing them in preventive medicine.

Professor:Hirotaka Imai

Hirotaka Imai

Studying the mechanism of cell death with enzymes that target adjusting the formation of active oxygen.

Professor:Masako Kiyono

Masako Kiyono

Eliminating hazardous chemicals contained in soil or water using the power of plants and microorganisms.

Professor:Mitsuru Okuwaki

Mitsuru Okuwaki

Contributing to the development of carcinostatic agents through "visualization" of phosphoproteins.

Professor:Mitsuo Tanabe

Mitsuo Tanabe

Attempting to address new therapeutic agents by studying chronic pain at the synaptic level.

Molecular Pharmacology
Professor:Tsutomu Nakahara

Tsutomu Nakahara

The search for the mechanisms of life from the point of view of pharmacology and studying the effect of drugs.

rofessor:Nobuhiko Okada

Nobuhiko Okada

Utilizing the "individuality" of bacteria in drug developments and preventing infections.

Microbial Chemistry

Connecting functional molecules produced by microorganisms to drug developments.

Professor:Tomoo Itoh

Tomoo Itoh

Contributing to new drug developments by predicting drug absorption and metabolism in the small intestine.

Physical Chemistry for Drug Design
Professor:Nobutada Tanaka


Economic design of base molecules for use in creating drugs over short time spans.

Radioisotope Research Laboratory
Associate Professor:Hikaru Sakamoto

Hikaru Sakamoto

Studying the functions of radiation that can also be used in treatments.

Medicinal Plant Garden
Associate Professor:Eiichi Kodaira

Eiichi Kodaira

Cultivating medicinal plants used as raw materials for drugs and studying them using morphology, genetics, and components.

Research and Education Center for Clinical Pharmacy
Please see the page on the graduate school entrance examination for more details on the research projects.
Pharmacy Practice and ScienceⅠ
Professor:Kouichiro Atsuda

Kouichiro Atsuda

Education and research from the position as a hospital pharmacist.

Pharmacy Practice and ScienceⅢ
Professor:Hajime Matsubara

Hajime Matsubara

Pharmaceutical education and research through practical team medicine activities.

Pharmacy Practice and ScienceⅣ
Professor:Katsuya Otori

Katsuya Otori

Proposal of a new form of outpatient care with pharmacists included in the team.

Clinical Pharmacokinetics
Associate Professor:Masahiro Kobayashi

TDM for optimal drug treatment for patients of the headquarters of the TDM Center, the Kitasato Institute Hospital.

Clinical Toxicology

Subjecting the toxicity hidden in various chemicals used in our daily lives as part of the care provided by pharmacists.

Professor:Yuji Yoshiyama

Yuji Yoshiyama

Working on community healthcare and home healthcare with individual recognition of patients.

Clinical Pharmacy Education
Professor:Rie Kubota

久保田理恵 教授

Clinical-Basic Science

Solving clinical issues in coordination with leading-edge basic research.

Drug Information

Provision of diverse drug-related information.

Clinical Medicine
Please see the page on the graduate school entrance examination for more details on the research projects.
Bioregulatory Medicine
Professor:Yukio Suzuki

Yukio Suzuki

Identifying highly safe therapeutic agents based on elucidating the mechanism involved in inflammation.

Professor:Masahiro Takeuchi

Masahiro Takeuchi

"Quality control" for clinical tests inevitable in drug developments by the Director of the Kitasato University Research Center for Clinical Pharmacology.

Pharmaceutical Medicine
Associate Professor:Mamoru Narukawa

Mamoru Narukawa

Addressing global-standard clinical tests that suit global drug development needs.