The School of Pharmacy

The Kitasato University School of Pharmacy aims at constant evolution in addressing clinical pharmacy and basic research, and the ideal balance of the two

The Kitasato University School of Pharmacy is renowned as a pioneer in clinical pharmacy education in Japan and prides itself on its ideal educational environment that includes close coordination with 4 university hospitals. It is also renowned for “basic research that contributes to medicine”, thus staying true to the tradition of Dr. Shibasaburo Kitasato, who is globally famous for his research on treating infectious diseases. A sound education via those results being used as the backbone and a system of cooperation between the various research centers and other departments are special Kitasato characteristics. We currently have a six-year “Pharmaceutical Department” course and a four-year “Life Sciences and Drug Development Department” course available that are both undergoing constant evolution in to addressing clinical pharmacy and providing a more advanced pharmacist education and enabling basic research to be used to solve medical problems.

the school of pharmacy

Addressing the needs of the next generation from the 2 aspects of clinical pharmacy and basic research

Japanese “clinical pharmacy” pioneer

The Kitasato University School of Pharmacy constantly attempts to nurture “pharmacists that can be of help in clinical situations.” The model pharmacy established at the Kitasato Institute hospital next to the School of Pharmacy enables students to receive a practical education on communicating with patients via simulations.

Practice at university hospitals

The required practical hospital training is provided at 4 university hospitals that are also at the forefront of leading-edge medicine. The specialized study environment and exposure to various medical situations enable students to gain the knowledge and skills needed in clinical fields and useful practical training that will be so essential at a later date.

Interprofessional Education Program for Healthcare Students

"interprofessional Health Care, Seminar" enable students from 4 different medical departments (Medicine, Pharmacy, Nursing and Allied Health Sciences) and 2 vocational schools to hold joint discussions. This then results in the provision of an education that helps them understand the roles of other occupations and recognize the role of pharmacists in a medical team.

Leading-edge basic research

asic research that ensures the succession of the traditions of the “Kitasato Institute,” a global level research facility. Leading-edge research that covers the various life science fields takes place, including elucidation of biological phenomena at the molecular level and the identification of new biologically active substances.

Deep study support environment

The environment includes complete support for education and research, and encompasses the distribution of notebook PCs to all new students, various lecture rooms and convention halls which all support multimedia and high-speed LANs, computer rooms open to all the students, the Shirokane Library, which has a collection of approximately 180,000 technical books, student consultation rooms, study support rooms, a clubroom building, and athletic field.


School of Pharmacy has accumulated 50 years of history where Kitasato was first founded and continues to be at the front line of research and medicine.


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