School of Pharmacy has accumulated 50 years of history where Kitasato was first founded and continues to be at the front line of research and medicine.

History of Kitasato University and the School of Pharmacy located on the Shirokane Campus

In 1914 Dr. Shibasaburo Kitasato resigned from the National Infectious Disease Research Institute (present day Institute of Medical Science, The University of Tokyo) due to differences in operating policy.

He then established the Kitasato Institute in Shirokane using his own personal resources and worked on the prevention and treatment of infections alongside the many staff members who had the greatest respect for him. He then went on to establish an affiliate hospital in 1917. The Kitasato Institute was then merged with the Tsukushigaoka Sanatorium (founded in 1883) in 1931 and enriched the balance between research and treatment. The Kitasato University was then founded in Shirokane in 1962. The School of Pharmacy was founded in 1964, which still continues to provide education and research services at the Shirokane Campus where Dr. Kitasato first founded it. In 2008 the Kitasato Institute Corporation and the Incorporated Educational Institution Kitasato Gakuen were unified as the “Incorporated Educational Institution Kitasato Institute” in thus becoming an organization that enabled greater coordination of education, research, and medicine.