Message from the Dean

The practice of an advanced education in clinical pharmacy that is based on leading-edge basic research.

More than 15 years have passed since the 6-year education system involving pharmacy started in 2006 in Japan, and it is necessary to further improve the “quality of pharmaceutical education”.

As a pioneer in clinical pharmacy, the school ensures the availability of a high-quality clinical pharmacy education by assigning instructors to the pharmacies of the 3 affiliated hospitals and ensuring support from various other occupational areas, including pharmacists, doctors, and nurses. An increasing number of opportunities to come in contact with foreign pharmaceutical operations in addition to a practical education in thereby increasing the occupational skills of pharmacists ahead of other universities are made available via "interprofessional Health Care, Seminar" "interprofessional Health Care practical hospital training," an "NR (Nutritional Representative) supplement advisor training course", and "Kampo medicines completion program".

Prof. Mitsuo Tanabe,
the Dean of the School of Pharmacy

In addition, the school also focuses on an education that nurtures the ethical view of being a medical care provider, with courses such as “drugs and work,” “practical social pharmaceutical training” and “medical volunteer practical training” being part of that. We hope that students will gain the heart to “sympathize” with others, as well as a general education and specialized knowledge and skills.

Moreover, the school has a tradition of focusing on basic research, which was succeeded from the principles of Dr. Shibasaburo Kitasato. The “Life Sciences and Drug Development Department” in particular is responsible for education and research with a view to a Master’s or Doctorate degree. While contributing to the latest medical breakthroughs via global level research, the expectation is that research that bridges the gap between basic and clinical research can take place by solving any clinical issues via basic research. We believe that it is important for those who intend to become pharmacists or drug development researchers to ultimately consider the welfare of the patient and their family. Now that we have experienced a once-in-a-century pandemic, we hope you too can study pharmacy with the will to help society through “medicine.”