Sagamihara Campus MAP (A road map to S-building from Bus Station )

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Access Guide for Public Transportation.

COME to Sagami-Ono First.

To Sagamihara Campus, Please come through the nearest urban train station, Sagami-Ono of Odakyu Railroad, first. Frequent Bus Service is available (①) for Kitasato Univesity Campus from the Station (Kanachu-Bus (②): All buses from Bus Stop #1)

① Bus Terminal at North Exit of Sagami-Ono.

② Kanachu bus at Bus Stop #1.

Use of taxi is recommended when you have huge luggage. Fare is about 1700 JPY. To Sagami-Ono, Transportations below are recommended from major stations and airports.

1. From Airports

a) From Narita International Airport

Limousine Bus Service is Available to Sagami-Ono Station
Ride on Kanagawa-Cho (Kanachu) Limousine Bus (③) or Keisei Limousine Bus (④)Bound for Machida and Sagami-Ono.
Get off at Sagami-Ono Station (120-175 min depending on traffic)
Route: International Terminal→Terminal 2→Terminal 1 →Sagami-Ono Station (North Exit)

b) From Tokyo International Airport (Haneda Airport)

Limousine Bus Service is Available to Sagami-Ono Station.
Ride on Keikyu Limousine Bus (⑤) or Kanachu Limousine Bus (③)Bound for Machida and Sagami-Ono.
Get off at Sagami-Ono Station (55-120min depending on traffic)
Route: Terminal 2→Terminal 1→Sagami-Ono Station (North Exit)

③ Kanachu Limousine.

④ Keisei Limousine.

⑤ Keikyu Limousine.

2. From Major Stations

a) From Central Tokyo : Shinjuku Station

Take Odakyu Line to Sagami-Ono Station
Express train service is frequent and convenient.
Get off at Sagami-Ono Station

b) From Shin-Yokohama Station (Shinkansen)

Shin-Yokohama Station
From Track 6 Take JR East Yokohama-Line (for Hachioji) to Machida Station (⑥⑦)
Get off at Machida Station (⑧) and go to Odakyu Station outside the gate (⑨) and ride on Odakyu train to Sagami-Ono (Next Station).

⑥ Transfer to JR East Yokohama Line
at Shin-Yokohama St.

⑦ Yokohama Line at Track No. 6 for Hachioji.

⑧ Change Train to Odakyu Line at Machida St.

⑨ Road on the Bridge from JR Station
to Odakyu Station at Machida.

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