The School of Science consists of three departments; Department of Physics; Department of Chemistry; Department of Biological Sciences. The Bachelor’s Degree (undergraduate) program lasts for 4 years. In every department, domestic teaching license for science (in high school and in junior high school) are provided when appropriate units are fulfilled.
All divisions present a standard curriculum specialized for each science field. Since practical trainings with various basic experiments are most significant in our educational policy, all the afternoons of two days in a week are applied for such experimental trainings in 1-3 educational years. In parallel, lectures for basic and specialized subjects and corresponding trainings are also allocated for the same educational years. After finishing all subjects in 1-3 years, students spend one year in real laboratories to take part in each research team and to complete their own projects.

Teaching Training Course

As referred in above, domestic teaching licenses for science (in high school and in junior high school) can be given when appropriate units are fulfilled. Subjects contain Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and Physical Geography. Students should also learn basic subjects for teaching. In 4th year, they are allowed to experience teaching practice for 3 weeks in some schools outside the campus.
Field Lecture for Physical Geography.

Teaching Staffs for Teaching License

Prof. Takashi Ishizuka
Prof. Katsumi Watanabe


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