Information for International Exchange Students

observership program

The details and duration of the observership program will be determined in consultation with the professors of the respective medical department, and on the basis of the submitted motivation letter. We will strive to accommodate the wishes of the applicant. Depending on the time of year, there are also departments that cannot accept requests for the observership program, so please let us know your preference for multiple medical departments (2-4). There is no fee for the observership program, but the living expenses during one's stay must be borne by the clerk.

[Latest Information]

Kitasato University School of Medicine and our University Hospital are currently not accepting international students due to COVID-19 global pandemic.
Further updates will be announced on this page when we are ready to accept applications.Thank you for your understanding.


Please submit the following application documents: 

  1. a curriculum vitae
  2. an immunization certificate as prescribed by Kitasato University
  3. a motivation letter (please state specifically at which medical department(s) you would like to do the observership program, what you would like to do during the observership program, what you would like to observe)
  4. a letter of recommendation from your university
  5. a copy of your student ID card (with photograph)
  6. information on your medical practice insurance
  7. Application Form(19KB)
  8. a copy of your passport (with photograph)
Please submit the application documents one year prior to the clerkship start date you request to the Kitasato University School of Medicine International Exchange Committee via email: iec-kusm@kitasato-u.ac.jp.

After receiving your request for the observership program, we will await consent from the medical departments of your choice. When the preferred medical department has consented, please write a motivation letter accordingly and submit the application documents. Please note that it will take about 3 or 4 months for an application to be formally accepted by the medical department, the dean of the School of Medicine, and the International Exchange Committee. If a notification of acceptance is required by a specific date in order to obtain a visa, please consult with our staff at the time of application.


There is a dormitory for exchange students on the Sagamihara Campus of Kitasato University. Students who wish to make use of this dormitory should notify us as soon as possible of the period of stay after obtaining consent from the medical department of choice.

  • the fee is ¥1,400 per night (medical exchange students only, please pay in cash)
  • the dormitory is not equipped with a kitchen, but you can boil water and use the microwave oven
  • there is a communal washing machine
  • each room is furnished with a bed, cabinet, and television
  • each room has a private bath and toilet
  • there is no internet access in the dormitory, but you can access the internet from the computers in the Media Room (M1, 3rd floor) and in the medical library (M1, 2nd floor).

Use of the dormitory is optional. Alternatively, you can also stay at a (business) hotel in the vicinity of the university or of the nearby stations Sagami-Ōno and Sagamihara.


Upon completion of the observership program, you will receive 1 English and 1 Japanese copy each of a certificate as prescribed by Kitasato University School of Medicine. If your university requires a specific certificate or an evaluation, please notify us in advance.


Please submit a report (approximately 2 pages A4) within 1 week of completing your clerkship to the members of the Kitasato University School of Medicine International Exchange Committee. Please note that the certificate will not be issued if you fail to submit this report.